""He’s an old-fashioned chef producing modern food and Bistrot Bruno Loubet is buzzing.""
Richard Vines
"Bruno Loubet's return to Britain is the most exciting comeback since Jesus appeared on the road to Emmaus just hours after the Crucifixion and said, "It ain't over till it's over." 8/10"
Giles Coren, The Times
"It's what restaurants are meant to be like."
Jay Rayner, The Observer
"There should be more places in London like this, but then again there should be more chefs in London like Bruno Loubet"
Dos Hermanos
"The staff were charming, all smiles, very efficient and knew the menu inside out. *****"
Guy Diamond, Time Out
We're serving two new healthy, refreshing and oh so tasty juices – Upbeet (Beetroot, Orange, Carrot & Lemon) and Green Giant (Apple, Celery & Mint). Which one tickles your fancy?
Our weekend brunch combines old favourites like American Pancakes & Maple Syrup with new hits like the Toasted Bagel with melted mozzarella, avocado, crispy bacon and crème fraiche. Served from 11am - 3pm (also available on Bank Holidays).
Want to host a roast for your nearest and dearest? We’ll provide you with a roast of your choice with all the trimmings, an elegant carving set & apron, a cork screw and then leave you to it. From £26 a head for 2 courses. Weekend lunch only. events@thezetter.com